The Incredibles Sidekick Academy

A competition entry for the 2009 Disney ImagiNations Competition, “The Incredibles SIDEkick Academy” is a training school where fans of THE INCREDIBLES are immersed in the fantastical world of the supers where they learn superhero skills. Through a series of engaging and interactive “training sessions”, they will pit against each other to emerge as “The most incredible Superhero SIDEkick of the year”. The multi-sensory ride aims to blur the boundaries between fantasy and reality, assimilating fans into the imaginary and noble task of saving the world alongside THE INCREDIBLES.

The ride is conceived as a sequel to the film, where the ever cranky and sharp tongue Edna Mode embarks on a new aspect of design yet again after endlessly lamenting on her unrewarding collaboration with supermodels. This time, as the director and designer of the training drills, Edna mode will once again entertain fans with her quirky style and witty personality as she “hosts” the ride.

Competition, Concept Art, Illustration