What if the Kitchen was Alive? A Peranakan Food Catering Center, Bed and Breakfast

The proposed design questions the role of the Kitchen in the typical Peranakan house. It is often said that the kitchen is where most of the activity happens. However, guests to the house don’t really get to experience this kitchen.

Imagining a scenario with the kitchen as a living organism, taking over the whole Peranakan house and making itself the main space instead, with the other functions ‘floating’ in the belly of the kitchen.

Program wise, the idea of the catering center is a reflection of the genius loci of the site, about wholesale and trade, so why not the wholesale of food. The bed and breakfast also caters to the tourists, looking to stay away from the main tourist areas of Melaka and exeperiencing what made Melaka Melaka – Trade. At the same time, the restaurant and 24 hr food stalls area along the carpark also make this empty carpark a node and not a transition space.

Year 3 Design Project